Is Circuitcell™ compatible with Invisible Fence® Brand collars?

Yes – compatible with Invisible Fence R21, R22, R51 & MicroLite.

What if I have more than one pet?

No problem – just purchase additional batteries for each pet. Utilize same charger to save money.

What is expected battery longevity?

Expected longevity of battery is greater than 5 years under standard operating conditions.

How often do I need to charge my battery?

The battery needs to be charged only once a month under standard operating conditions.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Quick, only 4 hours.

What if I forget my battery in my collar?

No worries, on-board electronics protect the battery from draining too low. This is essential for battery longevity.

What do the lights on battery indicate?

If the light blinks green (every 30sec) then the battery is in normal run condition. If the light blinks red (every 15sec) then the battery needs to be charged. If you do not see any light (after 30sec) then the battery is being protected by on-board electronics, preserving battery life and needs to be charged.

What do lights on the charger indicate?

Red means it is charging. Green means it is fully charged.

When do I recharge the battery?

When the battery starts blinking red or if it is not blinking since battery is being protected from over draining.

How does IMPI compare to Circuitcell™?

Circuitcell™ utilizes patent pending design with on-board electronics to protect the battery against over draining. IMPI does not have battery protection and if you forget to take the battery out of the collar within 14 days after depleting, it may not function. No worries with Circuitcell™, the battery can sit in the collar for years without issues since it has on-board protection circuitry which protects the battery from over draining. Battery protection is key to battery longevity.

How do I become a dealer for Circuitcell?

Simply contact us for more information.